Exposition: Sinerxias

Until August 18, the exhibition “Sinerxías”, by the Esther Ferreiro jeweler, was visited in the Vimianzo castle kitchen. They are about 50 pieces, as she detailed herself, very unique.

It employs Murano glass and four colors that are very bright, thanks to the fact that it adds a mineral from a nearby mine, the mica: Caolines de Vimianzo-Cavisa gave its collaboration to the artisan.

Perfect synergy between the craftswoman Esther Ferreiro, a xalleira that from the Vimianzo Castle works the glass crafts creating unique pieces of silver and murano glass jewelry, and the company Caolines de Vimianzo – CAVISA (old Rio Tinto), which for more 35 years old recovers different minerals from the Costa da Morte.

In the 70s the Rio Tinto Minera company found important deposits of Vimianzo kaolin, for 20 years fundamentally kaolin was collected for paper or ceramics, considering sterile sand and mica.

A new updated vision, based on the Circular Economy and the Business Symbiosis, and an exhaustive study of the needs and applications of the markets, made Caolines continue its journey based on the integral use of the old Muscovite mica deposits, arenas and kaolins, for many sectors: paints, cosmetics, pharma, plastics, adhesives, automobiles, composites, organic farming, … and new areas for environmental rehabilitation, construction or animal welfare.

And now, Esther Ferreiro, with her particular vision, using that unmistakable shine that mica brings, elevates her to the condition of jewelry in a jewelry exhibition in silver, murano glass and mica.